A brief look at ‘grams of interest to engage teens and librarians navigating this social media platform.

Maybe it is the promise of spring, or perhaps it’s the the recent book award announcements, but reading is definitely in the air in teen services. This week’s teen-focused Instagram accounts featured a deluge of teen book club posts. Whether simple photos of all the books prior to pick-up by book club members, images of teen involvement, or (of course) photos of the food being offered at meetings, it is clear that teen book clubs did not get buried under a snowy winter.

The school library I work for offers a book club to 7th grade students, which is run by one of my co-workers The kids vote on three books from a pre-prepared list (but can make a case for a personal favorite) and read the books over the course of a few months. Then, the group swaps out for a new round of 7th graders. There are no assignments, and the kids make book trailers with Animoto at the end of their session. Fortunately, the session that ran through the winter saw no decrease in enthusiasm.

What format does your teen book club take? Are there assigned books, or are teens and middle grade kids asked to simply come prepared to talk about ANY book? Do the school vacations influence book club participation at your library (if you are public)? If there are specific books, how are they decided upon? How do you promote and draw kids into your book club? Do you have themed reads? Offer food? Please share in the comments below!


One Thought on “Instagram of the Week: March 16th

  1. Robin Thompson on March 19, 2015 at 1:49 pm said:

    I work at a suburban high school (9-12) outside of Savannah, GA. Our book club has usually 5-9 members (enrollment is 1890) present each month. My fellow media specialist, who runs the book club, picks three different books for the students to then vote on. We use Edmodo for voting and book club announcements. We do serve light snacks at the meetings which take place right after school once a month. We had an extra book club meeting the first week of March for World Read Aloud Week. We were able to schedule a Skype session with Jo Knowles whose new book, Read Between the Lines, was released on March 10. So book club members read as many of her titles as possible in anticipation of our Skype session. We were able to discuss her books with her as well as hear an excerpt from her new book.

    I wish that we had more members in the book club, but at least we have the faithful 5-9 that we do!

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