A brief look at ‘grams of interest to engage teens and librarians navigating this social media platform.

With the summer reading theme of “superheroes” and the upswing of Graphic Novels and Manga gaining readers attention, it’s almost a no brainer that we now start having our own comic cons. We have seen an increase in the fascination with comics and we couldn’t be happier. We used to see that in earlier years comic books were slightly frowned upon. A mere misinterpretation in my mind. Once we fully open up to the idea of comics, we are immersed into a world of stories told by outstanding art. Librarians have been delving into the comic world for years and the momentum keeps building. This year we saw many libraries having their own versions of comic cons. Full on with free comics, photo booths, costumes, characters, and more. Not sure how to create your own LibraryCon? Take a look at the ‘grams below and see how fantastic these “LibraryCons” are. Remember, when you weed those old comics, put them in your pile to giveaway at your event!

Have some tips you’d like to share with others about your LibraryCon? Comment below!
Remember, if you want us to come across your instagram pics to create your hashtags!

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