A brief look at ‘grams of interest to engage teens and librarians navigating this social media platform.

My school celebrates the conclusion of another school year with graduation tomorrow (by the time this is posted, it will be “last Friday”!). We have been celebrating our teens all week with awards, farewells, yearbooks, and more. Since I am in the celebratory mood, I thought it would be appropriate to close the academic calendar with a celebration of teen contribution to their libraries. We know that teens contribute in a myriad ways, but one of my personal favorites is with artwork and crafts. Nothing livens up a school library or teen section of the public library more than art created by the very teens we serve.

How is teen art incorporated into your space? Is it commissioned through official programs and their participants, or is it a casual collection of work given by various teens? If you are looking for new ways to incorporate teen art into your space, look at the ‘grams below for ideas and inspiration. If you have a fun and creative way to get teens (and their art!) into the library, please share in the comments!


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