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YALSA’s Board has been hard at work since Chicago; working on the strategic planning process, continuing the roll-out of activities related to the Futures report, planning for ALA Annual at San Francisco. And now, the Annual Conference is fast approaching, and I’m looking forward to the Printz Ceremony on Friday night, brunching with Sharon Draper at the Edwards Award Event on Saturday morning, talking with members at Saturday’s Member Happy Hour, and so much more. You can find the details about these events and many more YALSA activities on the YALSA wiki.

The Board agenda is up online, and nearly all of the documents have been posted. Members can check them out in advance and send comments or feedback to me at cinf0master at gmail (dot) com. If you’ll be in San Francisco for the Annual Conference, the first ten minutes of each of our board meetings are open to public comment. If you have a question for a particular board member about a document they’ve written, you can reach out to them here.
At Annual, the board will be discussing the continuing alignment of YALSA resources and activities with the vision for teen services laid out in the Futures Report. These include financial priorities, member recruitment, guidelines and best practices for youth services, and more. In fact, the mega issue the board will be discussing is a key part of these larger issues – LIS education and teen librarian job descriptions. One big question the board will be considering is, “How does YALSA ensure that individuals who are hired for teen services positions have the necessary skills and knowledge, as outlined in the Futures Report, they need to be successful?”

Also on the agenda for Annual

You can stay up to date with all the conversations by following Executive Director Beth Yoke (@yalsa_director), myself (@doseofsnark), and/or other YALSA board members for live tweets of adopted actions and discussion highlights. In addition, there will be follow-up blog posts explaining decisions and board actions once the conference is done.
Thanks for all that you do to make YALSA an awesome association.

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