Yalsa membership covers everything from free monthly webinars, to discounted online courses, to access to various grants, scholarships and stipends, to the award winning YALS journal and much more.

Current board practice is to engage in discussion about dues policy and structure approximately every five to ten years. These discussions include looking at membership categories along with the cost of membership. In 2010 the Board discussed these topics and decided to add categories – for example the non-salaried category – and revise its dues structure with regular member dues increasing from $50 to $60, student dues going from $20 to $25 and corporate dues being raised from $60 to $70.

In an effort to help YALSA to remain financially stable, the board will discuss board document #33 on Monday, June 29, 2015 at the ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco.  The document provides an overview of current YALSA dues policy and structure and outlines a way to create a more sustainable method for ensuring the financial stability of the association while at the same time supporting members.

If you will attend the conference remember that you are more than welcome and encouraged in fact, to sit in on YALSA Board meetings. And even if you won’t be in San Francisco for the conference you can still read item #33 and all other board documents that will be discussed over the three days, Saturday through Monday. If you have any questions at all any board member would be happy to help you so just reach out.


Nicola McDonald, the 2014-2015 YALSA Board Fellow is the Chair of YALSA’s Board Diversity Taskforce and a Library Manager at NYPL.

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