Title: 1010!
Cost:  Free
Platform:  iOS and Android

In these summer days of heat and travel and waiting in lines for things, I often find myself opening a file on my phone titled 1010 logo“Meditation Games” — games like Candy Crush, Dots, and 2048 that help me shut my mind off when I’m stressed or worried, or just block out the world when I need a break. 1010!, a minimalist puzzle game by Gram Games, is the newest addition to my meditation game arsenal.

1010! is essentially a modern-day version of Tetris, without the stress of the falling blocks and the timer.  Hit the green play button on the home screen and you’re met with an empty 10 by 10 grid with three colorful block shapes below. Your job is to place the shapes on the grid. Once you’ve placed the three shapes, you get three more until you run out of room for your shapes. Completing a row of 10 squares, vertically or horizontally, clears that row to make room for more shapes and the more shapes you fit on the board, the higher your score. It’s really that simple.



You can play challenges against friends via your platform’s game center (or by signing in with Facebook) or try to beat your own score. The free version comes with ads that disappear with a $1.99 upgrade available on the home screen.

Whether you’re waiting in an airport this summer or hiding inside to avoid another scorcher, 1010! is a good thing to have in your pocket.

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