DIY1I’m excited to compile my favorite YALSAblog posts of the year because I referenced these posts in my classes. I’m a library science student in an online program, so I often cite these articles in relevant discussions to hear my classmates’ feedback. I only have two semesters left, so I’m stuck in that middle ground of being immersed in classwork while already fretting about what REAL library work will be like. These posts have helped me with a lot of that, so I send major thanks to the authors!

Empowering Teens

Teens, Help Yourself by Jami Schwarzwalder

  • How to help teens find information they need without staff assistance.

30 Days of Teen Programming: Preparing Teens for Life Through Creative Programming by Deborah Takahashi

  • Using programming to enable teens to help others, cook, defend themselves, and more!


Programming: How Tos, and Overcoming Challenges

Back to School: Afterschool DIY by Donna Block

  • Provide supplies for teens, but let them craft at their own pace, doing what they’d like, instead of having a set structure.

Pop-Up Programming by Becky Fyolek

  • Plan everything for your program except a date, and pull out the supplies when teens are around and want something to do.

30 Days of Teen Programming: Organic Teen-Led Programming by Jen Scott Wills

  • Let teens use the library for whatever they’re interested in, and create programming around them.

Learning on the Job

How Teamwork Brought Me Closer to Teens by Deborah Takahashi

  • Working with coworkers and colleagues to get teens into the library and provide quality teen programming.

Level Up Your Leadership Skills: When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing by Maureen Hartman

  • Be patient with yourself when you claim you’re out of your comfort zone.

Level Up Your Leadership Skills: Stop Doing Things by Maureen Hartman

  • Great ideas on what to do if something’s not working.



Ways Public Librarians Can Support Media Specialists to Celebrate National School Library Month by Wendy Stephens

  • How to reach out to and work with school libraries to form a productive partnership

Adventures in Outreach: Asking Questions by Hayden Bass

  • I’m only linking to one of these articles, but after you read it, do yourself a favor and read everything under “Related Posts.”


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Allison recently graduated with her MLS and is a new teen services librarian in Memphis, Tennessee.

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