Last week, the Michigan House and Senate passed legislation that is onerous to libraries and sent it to Governor Snyder to sign.  The library community is calling on the governor to do the right thing for libraries, schools, and parks by Vetoing SB 571.  If SB 571 becomes law, library staff could be sent to jail for sharing factual information about elections with their communities. Library boards could be fined thousands of dollars of sending out a newsletter if it shares information about what is on your local ballot. If this bill is signed into law, it will affect every Michigan library campaign 2016 (in 2014 there were at least 51 Michigan libraries on the ballot). This law, if it is not vetoed, would place a gag order on the library staff and boards’ ability to tell the truth about what the plans are to put tax money to work, and what the impact would be on community outcomes if it doesn’t pass.  

Regardless of what state you call home, please sign the petition to tell Gov. Snyder to veto SB 571.  Be sure to reach out to other library supporters and ask them to sign the petition, too.  If a bill like this becomes law in one state, it’s possible that other states will follow suit.  By taking a stand now, you’re being proactive and protecting the libraries in your state.  If you are a Michigan library worker, please copy and paste this Tweet:  ” I’m a ‪#‎MI‬‪#‎librarian‬ @onetoughnerd. Why can’t I give patrons factual info w/in 60 days of an election? ‪#‎VetoSB571‬ ”

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