Extra! Extra!You have been hearing about the new organizational plan for months and that is not by accident or happenstance. When the YALSA Board began working on the new organizational plan, we made a commitment to emphasize communicating that work out to YALSA members and stakeholders. In every step along the way, the Board has been carefully and intentionally planning the ways we can best reach members to ask, inform and engage them around the new plan.

As we reach the last step of the organizational planning process (not to be mistaken with the last step of the plan itself, we still have a long way to go!), we wanted to look back on the past few months and evaluate the ways we have reached out to members. Here are few highlights of what Board members and YALSA staff have done to spread the word about the new organizational plan.

  • 11 blog posts from Board members and YALSA Blog contributors with over 800 cumulative views
  • Over 1,000 unique page views on the organizational plan website
  • Mentions in YALS President’s Column, Editor’s Column and special highlights article from President-Elect, Sarah Hill, in the Spring issue
  • Engaging in conversations with stakeholders and committee chairs (95% of chairs surveyed were familiar with the plan by mid-May)
  • Too many social media posts to count!

As we move into the last phase of the organizational planning process, the YALSA Board continues to commit to transparency and communication to engage and inspire YALSA members and stakeholders around the new plan. At the Board I meeting (Saturday from 1-5:30 in the Convention Center, room W234) we will be discussing the best way to continue to spread the word about the new plan. Don’t worry, this won’t be the last you hear from us!

You can read the full communication plan proposal and access the full Board agenda and documents for Annual Conference 2016, on the YALSA website and learn more about the Board at Annual on the YALSA wiki.

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