Greetings from your YALSA Councilor!

Here is an update of ALA Council highlights since the 2016 Midwinter meeting in Boston:

  • Jenna Nemec-Loise, ALSC Councilor, announced the cancellation of the ALSC Institute slated to take place in Charlotte NC in September. The background and details of this decision can be found at
  • Diane Chen, AASL Councilor, has created an ALA Connect Member Community called Equity for All to School Libraries. Jenna Nemec-Loise, ALSC Councilor and Todd Krueger, YALSA Councilor, among a number of other Councilors and interested parties, are supporting Diane in this resolution. The Resolution in its current state can be found at . We will be working together to bring this resolution to the floor of Council, with input from Councilors at Council Forum.
  • Andrew Hart, ALCTS Division Councilor, submitted a resolution titled “Resolution in Support of the Professional Cataloging Processes and Determinations of the Library of Congress.” A recent U.S. House of Representatives appropriations bill included an amendment to force the Library of Congress to return to the “aliens” and “illegal aliens” subject headings – headings ALA Council urged the Library of Congress to change (resolution 2015-2016 ALA CD#34_11216_FINAL). The legislation has not been embraced by the U.S. Senate but is nonetheless a disturbing YALSA Board of Directors – Annual 2016 Pre-Meeting Division Councilor Report action. This resolution calls on ALA to advocate on behalf of the Library of Congress and respect for the non-partisan professional work of librarianship. This resolution has been formally endorsed by ALCTS and reflects work by the Committee on Legislation and the ALA Washington Office.
  • Keri Cascio, Executive Director, ALCTS updated Council on the ongoing LCSH illegal aliens issue:

“The House Appropriations Bill with language to restrict the Library of Congress from making changes to the “Illegal aliens” and “Aliens” subject headings will be debated in the House on Friday morning (June 10). There were multiple late amendments suggested concerning the LCSH issue. Debbie Wasserman Schultz had put forth an amendment to provide for the restatement of the Library of Congress’ existing policy regarding certain Subject Headings. Joaquin Castro also suggested an amendment, and posted his testimony on his Facebook page if you want to see it: There was an amendment on the other side explicitly to prevent the replacement of the LCSH terms put forth by John Fleming and Paul Gosar. You can find full text of all the amendments online at (items 12, 25, 26, and 31). However, the ALA Washington Office told us this morning that the House Rules Committee met last night (June 8) and voted NOT to permit any amendments concerning the Library’s subject headings to the Appropriations Bill. ALCTS will continue to work with the ALA Washington Office and watch how the issue progresses in the fall. This House bill may remain relevant, or Congress could instead pass a special Resolution simply continuing to fund the government at present levels. If we don’t end up in a continuing funding situation, then we’ll need to lobby Senators to make sure that LCSH language isn’t inserted into their bill on the Senate floor and to insist that the LCSH language be stripped from any unified (or “conferenced”) version of the Legislative Branch appropriations bill before sending it to the President. Emily Sheketoff from the ALA Washington Office will be visiting the ALCTS Board around 4pm on Monday, and she’ll be updating us on this issue. Conference attendees are welcome to attend any ALCTS Board meeting, they will be held: Friday, June 24 1p – 5p OCCC W307B Monday, June 27, 1p – 5:30p OCCC W207A”

  • Emily Shetekoff from the ALA Washington office reported that “The Senate Rules Committee unanimously approved by voice vote (on June 9) moving Dr. Carla Hayden’s nomination to be Librarian of Congress to the full Senate for a confirmation vote. No such vote has been scheduled yet. We ask everyone to contact both their Senators and tell them to confirm Hayden for Librarian of Congress!”
  • On June 7, SLA (Special Libraries Association) President Tom Rink confirmed that “SLA has put steps in motion to move our 2018 conference to a location outside North Carolina.” The rationale for this decision was that: “After extensive review and reflection, the SLA Board of Directors and senior staff have concluded that HB2 specifically countermands our anti-harassment policy as noted above. Even more broadly, our members are professionals dedicated to transparency and access, and the very tenets of this legislation strike deeply at the core of service inherent in serving as information professionals and special librarians.”
  • At the Annual Conference in Orlando, Doug Archer of The Intellectual Freedom Committee will bring forth an interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights regarding Religion in American Libraries. A draft of the document is available
  • The candidates for the 2016-17 Committee on Committees, Planning and Budget Assembly, and Chapter Councilors were announced. The election will take place at the Annual Conference in Orlando.

The Youth Council Caucus will meet in Orlando at the ALA Annual Conference on Sunday, June 27 from 11:30am-12:30pm, immediately following the Council I session in OCCC W224.

Please contact me at if you have any questions or have any interest in becoming a candidate for ALA Council.

Respectfully submitted,

Todd Krueger, YALSA Division Councilor

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