Here are some truly awesome reasons to give to YALSA.  Read reasons 1-4 here.

Are you looking for ways to better serve the teens in your community? Then you, yes YOU, should be looking at YALSA and how you can support this fine organization.

headsReason #5:  You will get great ideas
Programming ideas from nation-wide programs like Teen Read Week and Teen Tech Week. Plus all of the valuable ideas you’ll get from you fellow teen librarians from around the country and the world. A great place to start is YALSA’s Programming Headquarters.

Reason #6:  It’s hard to go it alonehands

It’s not just great ideas that you’ll get from YALSA, we can support you in lots of ways. Are you going to Annual? It can be a little scary the first time. You can join us at social events and sessions and meet people with whom you already have at least one thing in common: the drive to serve teens. If you’re the only teen services librarian at your library you can virtually talk to other librarians to get ideas on how to approach management with your ideas, how to get other staff members involved and excited about teens, and so much else. You have a vibrant community out there, join it!

balloonsReason #7:  Stay motivated

We are excited about services to teens and so are you. But we all know that it can sometimes be hard to keep up that gusto. But our enthusiasm is contagious, and we’re happy to keep you floating when you’re feeling dragged down. There are two great ways to join interest groups: YALSA Discussion Groups and ALA Connect.


Reason #8:  You will learn to be a better leaderhand

There are so many opportunities to serve, from committees to Board, juries to task forces, and all of them will help you develop your leadership skills. You’ll get stronger at leading and working with other people, perspective from learning about libraries from around the nation, practice at developing strategic plans, or skilled at crafting and maintaining budgets. And those will help you become a manager or leader who is passionate about serving teens in your library and in your community. Volunteer here.

Donate to Friends of YALSA and support member stipends, grants, scholarships, and awards.

Lynda Salem-Poling is a Youth Services and Department Librarian at Long Beach Public Library, California. She’s a fan of Star Trek, LEGO, and other geekery. She is a member of YALSA’s Financial Advancement Committee.

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