On Wednesday, the much anticipated Pokémon Go app was released in the United States.

Unlike previous Pokémon games this is an app for your phone that allows players to catch Pokémon in the real world.

Anyone can download the app on Google or Apple. Since its launch it’s become the number #1 download on these app stores.

The game is quite simple. Players walk around with their GPS on and look for Pokémon. They can also go to PokéStops that give them special items like Pokèballs, Potions, or Revive. Lastly once a player reaches Level 5 they can train Pokémon at gyms.


Screenshot_2016-07-11-09-28-36Screenshot_2016-07-10-20-55-47If you download the app you can discover PokéStops near you. Often these are public landmarks, historic sites, public buildings, and community organizations. Where live churches and cemeteries are often gyms, while libraries are PokéStops.

Since I downloaded the app I’ve encountered so many people who are also playing the game. Adults, Families, and Teens. I find Pokémon in the grocery store, Public Park, and in residential neighborhoods.
The one downside to the app is that it uses a lot of battery, unless you know how to activate the battery saving mode.

If you’ve not heard about Pokémon Go yet I encourage you to check it out.
It’s very likely that your library is a PokéStops so you might want to find fun ways to encourage the new foot traffic to recharge their batteries or check out other Pokémon. You can also share tips for how to play since there are many elements of Pokémon Go that aren’t explained in the App.

If you wanScreenshot_2016-07-09-17-46-22[1]t to play the game, and are willing to spend real money, you can drop a lure at the library which will help attract more Pokémon to your location.

Lastly if you have a Social Media account to connect with teens, make sure you share information about whether the library is a PokéStops or Gym, and what types of Pokémon can be caught inside your building.

Good Luck and Have Fun

About Jami Schwarzwalder

Currently a teen librarian with the Pierce County Library System in Tacoma, WA.She is passionate about technology, making, and learning. See what I'm up to at

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