At the 2016 Annual Conference in Orlando, the YALSA Board of Directors directed the Leading the Transformation for Teen Services Board Standing Committee to re-envision the Governance Nominating Committee as a Board Development Committee. This is part of reorganization to align YALSA with the Organization Plan. This board document proposes an expansion of the Governance Nominating Committees duties to focus on the leadership development of the board. The new duties will include board training and assessment. It also creates a formalized process to cultivate leaders within the association. The Nominating Committee in its current instantiation is already part of what could be the pipeline of leadership for YALSA, nominating the slate for YALSA each year. This document also supports the effort to reframe the work of the Executive Committee to focus on ALA relations and fiscal oversight, as the Executive Committee is currently responsible for board training and assessment.

The document covers:

  • Proposed changes to the committee charge
  • Proposed bylaws changes
  • Descriptions of expanded committee roles
  • A timeline for implementation
  • Fiscal implications
  • Assessment for the proposed changes

If this proposal is accepted the committee would change names and function in January of 2018.

Crystle Martin is the Secretary for the YALSA Board of Directors and a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Irvine.


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