Any day now YALSA members and YALS subscribers should find in their mailboxes the latest issue of YALS. (The digital edition is already available on the Members Only section of the YALSA website.) The winter 2017 theme is cultural competency and includes articles on:

  • Breaking down cultural competency and moving to cultural engagement
  • How moving to a new place creates opportunities to develop new perspectives
  • Understanding cultural competence as a celebration of each patron
  • Understanding the critical piece
  • How to cultivate cultural competency to positively impact your patrons

It’s an issue filled with great information that readers can use as they develop their own cultural competency. This includes a great article in the Trending section on how the video game series Civilization can help you think about fostering cultural competence and critical reflection.

Along with the cultural competency content in the issue don’t miss the YALSA Highlight section that includes news about YALSA’s organizational plan in the form of a plan for the future of YALSA’s continuing education and an exploration of the results of the 2016 YALSA member survey.

There’s a lot to check-out in the issue and over the next few weeks look for complimentary content on the YALSAblog.

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