I apologize for getting this report out later than normal, but I wanted to wait until we had information on the funds raised in November. According to the ALA Development Office YALSA raised $7,962 from online donations and $1,886.50 at the symposium for a total of $9,578.50. Combined with other funds raised in December we met our challenge goal of $10,000 which means ALA added another $10,000. With this $20,000 YALSA can provide more support to our members in the form of awards, grants, and scholarships. Thanks to everyone who donated and to everyone who helped get the word out about the challenge!  A special thank you to the members of the Financial Advancement Committee who provide oversight and continued enhancement of the Friends of YALSA program, including promotion, fundraising and donor recognition!

As you may know, the YALSA Board works year round. The Executive Committee meets at least quarterly, more often if necessary, and the Presidents (current, elect, and past) meet once a month. The Board is divided into three Standing Committees, each with a task list aligned with the Organizational Plan. The entire Board meets monthly for “chats” which are often focused on our own professional development as Board members. And finally, we create, discuss and vote on Board documents virtually. Check out the documents we’ve approved since annual 2017 here. We are in the process of preparing for Midwinter so much of December was devoted to planning agendas, writing Board documents, and coordinating with other ALA divisions and offices.

Here are a few other items of interest:

Stats and Data

  • Funds raised in Nov. = $7,962 (online), $1,886.50 (at the symposium)
  • Member stats for Nov. = 4,808 (down 2.4% over this time last year)

Don’t Forget!

Thank you!

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra Hughes-Hassell, YALSA President 2017-2018

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