Hello Colleagues,

As you may know, the YALSA Board works year round. In December the Board was very busy creating, discussing & voting on Board documents virtually. The Board has approved a change in the Board make up to replace a Member-at-Large for an Advocacy position. This will require a Bylaws Change, which will be available for the YALSA membership to vote on in March.

The Board has also created a new volunteer form. The new form will help the President-Elect appoint more diverse committees. The new form will also make it easier for members to select committees that are best suited for their interests.

The Board has also approved a change to the statement of the function of the Executive Committee. The change in statement aligns with the current function of the Executive Committee, creating transparency in the role of the Executive Committee.

The Organization and Bylaws committee created a new policy that establishes a process for rescinding awards. The policy has been approved by the Board and is now posted on YALSA’s website.

The final document that the Board has worked on has been to select a new site for the 2020 Symposium, which will take place in Reno, NV.

Thank You!

  • Thank you to Allison Renner for her two years of service as the YALSblog Member Manager!

Relevant Stats & Data

  • November Membership: 4,601 (-4.31% from October 2017)
  • Funds raised for November: $3,570
  • Funds raised at Symposium: over $3,000

Don’t Forget!

Crystle Martin
YALSA President 2018-2019

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