In the last half of 2018, YALSA’s Division and Membership Promotion Committee did a deep dive to evaluate YALSA’s membership engagement around volunteer opportunities. Here are some key highlights of their evaluation and recommendations for improvements:

  • Increasing communication about the specific work done by the committees, task forces, and juries. Specifically, calendars or timelines, desired skills, and member workloads or expectations for each group.
  • Improved communication after a member has submitted a volunteer application, including but not limited to increasing awareness on volunteer opportunities that are still open after specified positions have been filled.
  • Improving the transparency of various volunteer and committee work using social media.
  • Create a requirement that YALSA committees, task forces, and juries share their work via YALSA blog posts (where applicable–some committees cannot do this per the confidentiality of their work).
  • Create a task force to evaluate YALSA 101, 201 (currently not active), and 301 sessions to evaluate their effectiveness, and the possibility to additionally hold them at other conferences or virtually.
  • Survey current YALSA volunteers about how they want to be acknowledged for their work.

At Annual in Washington, D.C., the YALSA Board will review recommendations by the Division and Membership Committee and may discuss what further actions need to take place or need to be assigned to committees, the YALSA Board, or YALSA Staff. Learn more in Board Document 5.

See the full agenda of the Board of Directors at ALA Annual in Washington, D.C. All Board meetings are open to attendees, and you can learn more about the Board meetings on the YALSA Conference wiki.

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