As a result of YALSA’s Division and Membership Promotion committee’s evaluation of membership engagement surrounding volunteer opportunities in 2018, one recommendation was acted upon right away: to evaluate the effectiveness of YALSA 101, 201 (currently inactive), and 301 sessions. Read more about the YALSA DMP recommendations in Board Document 5. Here are some of the reasons why the Division and Membership Committee recommended evaluating these sessions, that focus directly on sharing information with members and potential members about volunteer and leadership opportunities:

  • To review the effectiveness of the information shared in each session
  • Whether YALSA needs to reinstate the 201 session: This session was previously held during Midwinter to focus solely on volunteer opportunities but these 201 sessions have not been held for the last few years
  • To consider how these sessions (normally held at ALA Conferences) could be replicated at YALSA Symposium and online for a virtual audience

Earlier this year, the YALSA Board’s direction to the President was to appoint a task force no later than March 1st, to explore and evaluate YALSA 101, 201, and 301 sessions and recommend changes, with findings to be presented to the Board by Annual 2019. Learn more in Board Document 8.

See the full agenda of the Board of Directors at ALA Annual in Washington D.C. All Board meetings are open to attendees, and you can learn more about the Board meetings on the YALSA Conference wiki.

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