Hi everyone,

I would like to get you up to date on a few things the YALSA Board of Directors has been doing during the pandemic as we continue to work for the organization.

After the prudent decision was made by ALA to cancel the 2020 Annual Conference, we immediately decided that we must make allowances for our YALSA award committees who are compelled to meet in-person at Annual conference to discuss nominations from the first half of their eligibility period. The Board adopted the Virtual Dispensation for Award Committees document, allowing all 2021 YALSA Award committees (Alex, Morris, Nonfiction, Odyssey [co-administered with ALSC, and chaired this year by YALSA], and Printz) to meet virtually throughout the month of June. (The Edwards award committee is all-virtual.) This will allow chairs and committees to meet multiple times within the month of June in virtual settings, and provides guidance and recommendations for how to best go about modifying discussions to a virtual environment. We are currently in discussions about ways to celebrate our 2020 Printz Award and Honor winners in another venue, most likely virtually. More information about that soon.

We have also passed the recommendation by the Advocacy Standing Board Committee to form a Community Listening Task Force, which will be appointed by me in the coming weeks. This task force will be created to learn more about the advocacy needs of library staff and teens in preparation to make YALSA resources accessible and relevant. Look for information coming soon in the e-news if you are interested in participating.

Chairs of YALSA committees, task forces, and juries have been provided with guidance as to the work of their groups during the pandemic. Obviously many of us have countless things on our minds during this disruption. We are providing and asking for patience as the work that we are doing, while important, must take proper prioritization among the new realities.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Take care, and stay safe and healthy!

Todd Krueger, YALSA President 2019-2020 | Twitter: @toddbcpl

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