Greetings YALSA members and youth advocates,

Your YALSA Board spent the past two months discussing, editing, and approving a Short Term Leave Plan for YALSA volunteers. The conception for this plan originated as a direct response to support member volunteers, who may become impacted by the coronavirus. Rather than have member volunteers worry or feel guilt over their work contributions when needing to attend to emergency issues, the YALSA board wanted all volunteers to be supported when personal events may need to supersede professional matters, and not just those associated with the coronavirus disease. Within this document are efforts to provide alternative options over a one size fits all approach. 

Currently, the board liaisons are connecting with volunteer group chairs to begin its implementation. This document will be kept in the appropriate locations on the YALSA website as will be determined by the Organization and Bylaws committee. Until then, you may find and read it here. We hope this will support many current and future members, especially those considering volunteer opportunities. If you are considering volunteer opportunities and have questions about the Short Term Leave Plan, please feel free to reach out to me and/or Kelly Czarnecki, YALSA President-Elect. 

Additional Accomplishments

  • Participated in the first of two Fall meetings for BCALA’s IMLS Black History Month Taxonomy project (a planning grant). The National Advisory Committee will meet a second time in December. An invite for focus group participants was distributed to members via the YALSA eNews. 
  • Completed appointments for the following member volunteer groups
    • Joann Sweetland Lum Memorial Grant Jury (start date Jan 2021)
    • Advocacy Resources Community Listening Taskforce (start date Dec 2020)
    • Selection Lists Oversight Committee (start date Jan 2021)
  • Welcomed all 588 participants to the YALSA Symposium and made quick arrangements for alternative speech givers due to my family emergency. 
  • Participated on a panel for ALA President Julius Jefferson Jr.’s November webinar geared towards LIS students and focused on offering information related to the job market, resume and interview processes. 

Don’t Forget

Relevant Stats & Data

  • YALSA’s membership for March 2020 was 4,060. 
  • YALSA’s Friends of YALSA donations for March 2020 was $905.

Thank Yous!

  • Carol Phillips, Sharon Haupt, Janet Thompson, Heather Booth, Kim Dare, Rob Bittner for their arduous work in updating the Odyssey manual and providing due consideration for changes that involved the approval of two different association boards.
  • De Anza Williams, Keiko Sanders, Amelia Jenkins, Scot Smith for their outstanding planning and facilitation of the 2020 YALSA Symposium.

Respectfully submitted, 

Amanda Barnhart
YALSA President 2020-2021

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