Greetings! No doubt you’ve likely come across a Tweet, an e-news blurb or maybe even a forwarded email from a friend that YALSA is currently looking for volunteers! You’ll hear even more about all of the openings here soon from President-Elect, Franklin Escobedo. In the meantime, I will be doing a few separate posts on some positions we’re seeking volunteers for as they came as a result of Board approved votes at Annual.

This post is regarding the move to transition this particular taskforce to a strategic committee. For a bit of background on what the difference is, visit the Working with YALSA link here.

The Social Media Marketing Strategic Committee is just that opportunity! If you’re considering applying for this great prospect, you’ll want to keep the following in mind:

  • YALSA Membership is required and must abide by the ALA Policy of a 3 committee limit.
  • This is a one year commitment
  • Time commitment is gauged at 1-5 hours a week with weekly assignments and firm deadlines
  • It is recommended to have an idea of how to Tweet and post (and if you’re new at it-to practice first!)
  • Be familiar (and connect with!) current YALSA social media communication (YALSA Facebook, YALSA Twitter, and YouTube)

If you’re ready to apply, the Committee Volunteer Form is here (Note: you will need to login with your member information to view).

While I’d have to say all the YALSA volunteer opportunities are ‘pretty cool’-being part of the social media committee definitely ranks right up there! If you have questions or would like to connect with current members of the taskforce (which is now a strategic committee) please reach out! Kelly Czarnecki, YALSA President, ( Thank you for considering this great opportunity with YALSA!

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