YALSA is currently looking for volunteers for our Advisory Boards. An Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Member Managers and Editors of the YALSA Blog, YALSA’s Young Adult Library Services eJournal (YALS), YALSA’s Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults (JRYLA), and the YALSA Hub Blog.

We are looking for volunteers for the following Advisory Boards:

  • Editorial Advisory Board (for YALS & the YALSAblog)
    • To serve as advisor to the co-chairs of the Advisory Board, the editor of YALS and the YALSAblog Member Manager, on the overall content of the journal and blog.
    • To take an active role in determining content for both publications and an annual editorial calendar that identifies timely topics as well as authors for articles and blog posts.
    • To create messages and content to promote the blog and the journal and to cross-populate each to highlight the content and focus of each publication.
    • To work to ensure that key YALSA guidelines, resources, initiatives, etc. are integrated into the blog and the journal.
    • To assist with the search process for a new editor or member manager, when appropriate.
    • Term:  July 1, through June 30.
    • Committee Size: 5 virtual members including at least two members from the previous year, plus the co-chairs
  • Hub Advisory Board
    • The Hub Advisory Board participates in the development and maintenance of the Hub and follows the guidelines for the site as set out by the YALSA Board of Directors.
    • The Advisory Board also serves in an advisory capacity to the Member Manager, who also acts as Chair, of the site and assists with the collection of content for the site, generates ideas for content, works on getting teen and library staff input and feedback, facilitates marketing and PR as needed, and writes for the site as needed.
    • Size: 7 virtual members including Member Manager, who is the chair, and two members from the previous year.
    • Term: July 1, through June 30
  • Research Journal Advisory Board & Research Committee
    • For 2023-24 we will combine the Research Journal Advisory Board and the Research committee to see how the work goes.
    • Oversee the peer reviewing process as outlined in the Refereeing Process Guidelines as approved by the YALSA Board of Directors.
    • Serves in an advisory capacity to the Member Editor of the journal by assisting with the solicitation of contributors and articles as well as generating ideas for topical articles or themes, when requested from the Member Editor.
    • To stimulate, encourage, guide, and direct the research needs of the field of young adult library services, and to regularly compile abstracts, disseminate research findings, update YALSA’s Research Agenda as needed and to liaise with ALA’s Committee on Research & Statistics.
    • Size: 7 virtual members, including Chair and at least two members from the previous year.
    • Term: July 1 through June 30
    • The Chair will be the Liaison to ALA’s Committee on Research & Statistics.

If you are interested in volunteering, you can access our YALSA Volunteer form with this link: https://www.ala.org/CFApps/volunteer/form.cfm 

As you fill out the nomination form, please refer to my post from last fall: How to Fill Out YALSA’s Volunteer Form.  Please email me (President-elect, Colleen Seisser) with your interest as that will expedite the review of your application and ensure I have eyes on it. You must be a current YALSA member and you must not already have three ALA volunteer commitments.

Respectfully submitted by YALSA President-Elect, Colleen Seisser

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