Your donation to the Friends of YALSA can make all the difference, as it can truly impact the lives of library staff and the communities they serve. Each year, FOY donations are used to support member awards, grants, scholarships, and stipends, and we are grateful for your generous support.

One of the programs funded by the FOY is the YALSA Board Fellow Program. This program allows a YALSA member to serve on the board for a 1-year period. This is an excellent opportunity for a YALSA member interested in taking on a more significant role within YALSA. In addition, the board fellow receives a $500 stipend to attend Annual Conference and LibLearnX.

Those interested in donating can visit the Friends of YALSA page. Your donation will help YALSA meet its goal of supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion for all members. 

Respectively submitted by Celeste Swanson on behalf of YALSA’s Financial Advancement Committee

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