Ever wanted to get to know the YALSA Board of Directors more? Here’s your chance! We’ll be posting fun mini-interviews with each board member all month long so you can get to know them a little better. 

Matt Layne, Director At Large

Name & Library: Matt Layne,

Title & Library: Patron Experience Librarian, O’Neal Library

Role on the Board: Director-at Large

Year on the Board:  1st year

1.    What does YALSA mean to me?

 ML: YALSA means advocacy. Advocating for young adults and for the librarians who serve them. I try not to lose sight of the importance of our work in creating safe spaces and experiences for young people and librarians around the United States and the world.

What are your hopes for the future of teen services?

ML: I hope for a future where all young people are able to freely be their authentic selves while being treated with the respect and admiration they deserve. I hope for libraries and schools that are able to offer unbiased and well-researched non-fiction resources. I hope for books that reflect the beautiful diversity of the young people we represent.

What is your favorite YALSA Committee or Committee that you would love to be on again?

 ML: I have been lucky enough to serve on three committees; Morris, Printz, and Best Fiction for Young Adults.. Each one has offered me unique opportunities to build friendships with other teen advocates from all over the world. I would happily serve on any of the committees again, but for my next act, I would love to delve into Great Graphic Novels.

What’s your ultimate comfort food?

 ML:  I am a sucker for ice cream. I love to get vanilla ice cream and doctor it up with all sorts of weird things like hot honey, or balsamic reduction, or even sea salt and olive oil.

What TV show or Movie do you watch on repeat? Or a book you love reading when you’re between new books?

ML: I LOVE Star Trek, so I’m always turning on classic episodes when I’m between books and other shows. Bookwise, I have read the Lord of the Rings series multiple times over the years. When we first went into lockdown, it’s the series whose pages I first returned to.

What would you do or where would you go if you won the lotto?

ML: If I won the lottery, I would open a really cool bookstore with lots of space for folks to study and groovy drinks. I might even call it The Library.

Want to run for YALSA Board?  We’re looking for candidates for the 2024 ALA Election. If you will be at ALA Annual Conference in Chicago this summer, join us at YALSA 301 to learn more about YALSA Governance. Want to find out what the duties and responsibilities of the Director at Large are for the YALSA Board? Find them in the YALSA Handbook here.   If you’ve been thinking about it, why not fill out the nomination form today? Just click here.

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