Hello Friends!

Do you ever feel like you want to represent YALSA and the awesomeness of being a teen librarian? You are pretty great after all! Some say that being a teen librarian is like being a bright, shiny unicorn, but how can you convey that to everyone? (Aside from surrounding yourself 2pm-6pm with teenagers…) Did you know that YALSA has merch now?

yalsa | ALA Graphics Gift Shop (alagraphics-gift-shop.myspreadshop.com)

Throw on a YALSA T-shirt or a Teentober shirt and let everyone know that you are a teen whisperer, here to advocate for teenagers in the library! Or get a pin for your bag. They say “Do what you love, love what you do…at the library!” and let’s be honest, that sentiment is true for librarians AND teens, so maybe check your budget and pick some up as Teentober prizes! Or if you have a favorite teen who likes pins, let them know! (I know, we don’t “have favorites”, but also yes we do.)

Times are hard right now, and sometimes supporting an organization by giving money can seem like a big commitment, but supporting an organization and getting a T-shirt or a pin? Well then! On behalf of the Financial Advancement Committee, I hope you’ll consider it!

Respectfully summitted by Amber Loveless, Financial Advancement Committee

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