YALSA’s Symposium in St. Louis, MO is fast approaching. Whether you are attending or not or just love auctions, you can take part in the virtual silent auction! We are putting a call out to YOU for silent auction items!! Signed books, local interest goodie baskets, themed baskets, etc. Please let us know if you are willing to donate to YALSA’s Silent Auction. If you do donate, we just ask that you take a picture of the donation and be willing to send it to the auction winner. Please contact YALSA at yalsaevents@ala.org with your donation details. All proceeds will go to the Friends of YALSA (FOY). FOY funds are used to support over $16,000 in member scholarships, grants, and stipends, including a Spectrum Scholarship and Emerging Leader. 

Respectfully submitted by Angelique Kopa, Financial Advancement Committee member

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