YALSA’s awards & blogging committees are filled. Thank you to all the volunteers who have accepted positions on all the various committees. Please send questions to yvette.yalsa@gmail.com.

New Opportunity – Scholarship Jury:  We are currently seeking 5-7 members to serve on the Regina Minudri Yound Adul Scholarship jury.  This scholarship is specifically for a Masters degree candidate in Library Science who intends to work professionally with young adults.

Please complete the volunteer form. You will need to click on “NEXT” at the bottom of the committee list, to get to the “Select Committees” section highlighted at the top to volunteer for the Minudri jury.

Future Opportunities: The next round of volunteer appointments will feature YALSA’s strategic committees, such as the Programming Committee. Our programming committee selects ALA annual sessions, works with ALA to suggest e-learning courses, and plans members’ webinars. 

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