This week YALSA Board members are discussing their experience serving on the Board. This post is one in that series.

This podcast is the final post in YALSA’s Life on the YALSA Board series. In this audio you’ll hear YALSA Director Sara Ryan, Fiscal Officer Mary Hastler, Secretary Francisca Goldsmith, and Immediate Past President Sarah Debraski discuss what it’s like to serve on the YALSA Board, the work that they do, the time that it takes, and why it’s a worthwhile experience.

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This week YALSA Board members are writing about their experience serving on the Board. This post is one in that series.

The Fiscal Officer is elected for a three year term. A three year term is just right as I wrap up the second year of my three year term as Fiscal Officer. The first year provides an opportunity to experience and become familiar with the responsibilities of the position, the second and third years are all about implementation. The Fiscal Officer is a member of the Executive Board as well as a voting member on the YALSA Board. Read More →

This week YALSA Board members are discussing their experience serving on the Board. This post is one in that series.

The position of Secretary was added to the YALSA Board, by membership vote,’  only four years ago.’  Until my term began, in 2008, the role of keeping our volunteer association’s formal record fell to YALSA staff.’  The addition of this position to the Board places that responsibility with membership; in addition, the position of Secretary adds another voice—and set of energies—to the Board’s Executive Committee.

I ran for the position of Secretary for several reasons:’  I had been on the YALSA Board when the idea of creating the position was under discussion and then development and I was a promoter of the concept.’  In addition, I have served in a few other elected offices, in other professional organizations, at the time when that position was first initiated, so I had a good sense of the kind of ground-breaking and flexibility the initial office-holder needed to bring to the effort of “launching” how the position might work to the advancement of the Board and membership as a whole. Read More →

This week YALSA Board members are writing about their experience serving on the Board.’  This post is one in that series.

The unique thing about running for YALSA President is that, if elected, you will fill three distinct roles in three years. All of the things that Sara Ryan mentioned in her perspective as a Board member hold true, plus there are additional responsibilities.

As President-Elect you will spend the year working hard on making committee and task force appointments.’  This is no small task, but it is a great way to get to know many YALSA members.’  You will also be serving on the Executive Committee and have those meetings (including an in-person meeting in the fall), in addition to regular YALSA Board meetings.’  There is a lot of observing and learning during this year, as well as developing a working relationship with the President and Executive Director.

What skills do you need to be President-Elect? An attention to detail, a willingness to learn, and a good system for organizing your work. Read More →

This week YALSA Board members are writing about their experience serving on the Board. This post is one in that series.

First off: the work of the Board takes place all year round, not just when the Board meets in person at the Midwinter meeting and Annual conference.

Tip: Talk with your supervisor and your loved ones before you decide to run. Make sure they understand and support the commitment that will be involved. Read More →

Have you ever thought about running for a YALSA Board position? Have you ever wondered what being on the YALSA Board is really like? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, then the posts coming this week on this blog titled Life on the YALSA Board are perfect for you. Each day this week a different YALSA Board member will post about her experiences as a YALSA Board member. The schedule is: Read More →

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usWhen you sign up for Second Life, it is said that your avatar is born. Today, Michele Gorman teleported to the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library open house that happened to be going on at the time and her avatar was ‘born’ today.

While YALSA is indeed the fastest growing division of ALA, we could be the fastest growing division of Second Life avatars!

I’ve started a link on the LibSuccess: A Best Practices wiki here for YALSA members to list their avatar name and whatever other information they would like to include.

Today when I was on Second Life, a teen came to the information desk and said, ‘wow, what is that’? I found out that he was into drafting/architecture. Second Life will help teens with building skills. Also, teens that are attracted to MySpace because they can manipulate and customize their environments, might be attracted to Second Life as well.

The 3D environment is an interface that will be a skill we will need to know how to navigate in. If you purchase clothes online for example, knowing how to size your avatar to figure out if they will look good in a certain outfit can translate to you and whether you want to purchase it or not.

Posted by Kelly Czarnecki

In March of 2022 I saw a post via ALA Connect to apply for the ALA Liaison position in the Young Adult Library Services Association:

“Does networking with folks around the country sound intriguing? Is serving as a connector with leaders to advance youth interests your jam? You might consider applying for the ALA Liaison position at YALSA!” -Kelly Czarnecki

YALSA Past President

My answers to these questions are yes, yes and yes so I applied to volunteer as the ALA YALSA Liaison.

In May of 2022 I was contacted for a brief interview based on my application and then I was appointed by YALSA President Franklin Escobedo to the position. 

To prepare for my term of July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023, I contacted Kelsey Ford to see what Kelsey’s term entailed as the 2021-2022 liaison. Kelsey walked me through the committees that were actively meeting via Zoom and introduced me to the chairs via email as the incoming liaison to take her place after returning from ALA Annual in D.C. June 23-28, 2022.

I jumped in and had my first committee meeting representing YALSA in August of 2022 at the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee. Most committees don’t meet in July because they just met in person at the ALA Annual Conference in June. In September I attended the YALSA 2022-2023 Board Orientation and was added to the online directory.

My favorite committee so far to attend as a liaison for YALSA is the ALA Conference Committee! My first meeting with ALA CONF was on September 20th, 2022 at 8am Pacific Time. We were able to vote for our top 2023 LibLearnX Speaker considerations in New Orleans! I was always curious to see how conference guest speakers/authors were invited to speak at conferences and now I got to take part in it! Most recently we met on Tuesday, November 29th at 8 am PT for 3 hours to go over ALA Annual in Chicago and vote for our top potential author/speakers for June 22-27, 2023

In conclusion, I highly recommend applying for this 2023-2024 position. Did I mention you have access to a $1000 stipend for attending the conferences? “If there’s financial need, up to $1,000 in total funds can be provided to the liaison to defray the cost of attending two of ALA’s signature Meetings.” 

Submitted by Ziba Perez, YALSA ALA Liaison

Young Adult Librarian II
Palisades Branch Library

If you’re interested in being YALSA’s next ALA Liaison, please watch YALSA Blog, YALSA eNews, and our YALSA Connect spaces for announcements for applying for the 2023-24 ALA Liaison position this Spring 2023. The next ALA Liaison’s term will begin July 1, 2023.

Do you want your voice to be heard on a national level regarding Teens and Teen Library Services? Do you want a leadership position within YALSA? You should consider putting your name on the 2023 slate for YALSA Board!

The Board Development Committee is looking for dedicated, committed volunteers with the skills and desire to run for several board positions: President-Elect, Director-at-Large (2), and Fiscal Officer.

YALSA’s volunteer members are critical to who the organization is.  You can find out more about the responsibilities of President-Elect and Fiscal Officer here.  Information about the Director-at-Large position can be found here. These positions are elected by the membership for a three-year term. 

The Board Development Committee is looking for the most qualified individuals and broad representation. This includes a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. As the YALSA Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan states: the vision for YALSA is to be a diverse, inclusive and equitable organization which flourishes on the exchange of ideas from different perspectives. We believe the diversity of viewpoints that comes from different life experiences, identities, cultural backgrounds, and more enables YALSA to better achieve its mission, through networking, advocacy, and professional development, the Young Adult Library Services Association empowers all those involved in the profession to provide equitable, diverse and inclusive teen services.. 

If you feel you have what it takes for one of these leadership roles, fill out the YALSA Governance Candidacy Form. The Board Development Committee reviews all the forms and looks for the best match of skills and background for the available positions. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact a member of the YALSA Board Development Committee; Amanda Rodriguez (, Valerie Tagoe (, Yolanda Hood (, Carla Land (, Jennifer Korn (, or Kelly Czarnecki (