Title: Shakespeare in Bits: Macbeth

Cost:’  $14.99; free lite version available which includes two scenes; district pricing available

Platforms:’  iOS, Browser-based


When I learned about Shakespeare in Bits at the fall 2012 YALSA Lit Symposium in St. Louis, it seemed like a great fit for our ‘ English Language Learners (ELLs), who are assigned Macbeth in 10th grade. Animation, audio and text combine to offer the reader a multimodal approach to reading and understanding Macbeth.’ After playing with the lite version, I wanted to see more.
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Every year, around this time,’  the librarians at Brookline High School send out a series of emails to members of the faculty.’  These tend to be informative updates and reminders of library programs, collections, and policies.’ ‘  Some messages target a subset of faculty while others are sent out to the full staff.’ ‘  In the past, we’ve been more reactive when communicating with faculty.’  Every year we’re scrambling to find the email we sent out last year.’  In our defense, we are a staff of two full time librarians and two .5 librarians, each with different duties and responsibilities.’  Often something comes up and we assume it’s being handled by a colleague.’  Not this year! ‘  This year I’ve taken on the task of collecting the various emails to be sent at the beginning of the year to faculty from the library.’  I’ve named the file “Beginning of the Year Emails”,’  and it’s my blog for today.

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