Name:‘  The Photo Cookbook
Cost:‘  Free
Platform:‘  iOS

photo cookbook

As much as I would love to offer cooking programs’ for teens at my library (other than the Iron Chef/Top Chef/Cupcake War-type snack challenges)’ I am hampered by two very important things:’  the absence of kitchen appliances in our building and a complete lack of culinary ability on my part.’  Thankfully, there are apps like The Photo Cookbook for me to recommend to my future Bobby Flays and Rachael Rays.

The Photo Cookbook app offers 84 recipes in four categories — ‘ “Quick & Easy,” “Italian,” “Asian,” and “Baking” — each containing’ recipes for a variety of tastes and skill levels.

Click on a recipe and you’re met with a minimalist group photo of the ingredients that looks like those you’d find on popular food blogs or in your Pinterest feed, followed by a guide to how the recipe will look at each step along the way. ‘  Read More →

Title:’  Party Party
Platforms:’  iOS
Cost: ‘ $.99


Party Party Icon

If youre anything like me, you probably have so many photography apps that you sometimes call your phone a camera by mistake.’  The trouble with such a bounty is that each app usually offers a singular use or function, forcing you to thumb through all the options for each photo op.

The Party Party app cuts through some of that cumbersome decision-making by offering an easy way to take and edit single photos, or take sequential photos that can be formatted as a photo booth collage or stitched together to create stop-motion animations.’  In essence, you get three apps in one.

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Title:‘  Loop
Cost:‘  $0.99
Platform:’  iOS

As a teen, most of my notebooks were full of stick-figure flip animations performing stunts on the page edges.’ ‘  Loop is the digital equivalent of those over-doodled notebooks, allowing users to create hand-drawn, animated loops that can be exported as GIFs.

The app’s interface gives much of its screen space to a whiteboard-like drawing area with a grid of tools permanently situated at the lower edge.

Loop pic 1
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