Selection Committee Appointments are nearly finished. We have filled all the spots on the following committees: BBYA, Fabulous Films, Morris, Odyssey, Popular Paperbacks and the Presidential Advisory Task Force. We still have a few spots to fill on Amazing Audio, Alex, and Quick Picks. Congratulations to all of our YALSA members who have accepted committee appointments. These spots will be filled and the process completed by Dec. 15.

If you were hoping for an appointment to a selection committee that has been filled, I’m so sorry, but there were so many wonderful applicants and just not enough spots open to fit everyone in. Please remember that Process Committee volunteer forms will be available later this month and we will begin filling Process Committees after Midwinter.

Thank you for your patience everyone!
Kimberly Patton,
YALSA President-Elect

Selection Committee Appointments Update
As YALSA’s President-Elect, I’m responsible for committee/jury/taskforce appointments. This fall I’ve been working on appointments for the 2011 selection committees. I’m pleased to report that I received many Committee Volunteer Forms from people who are interested in sharing their time and talents on these committees. As of right now, all the chairs to these committees have been appointed. They are as follows: Candice Mack, Great Graphic Novels Chair; Jamie Mayo, Amazing Audio Books Chair; Beth Gallaway, ALEX, Chair; Summer Hayes, Morris Chair; and Terri Snethen, BBYA Chair. Over the next two weeks I will be reviewing the remaining Committee Volunteer Forms and sending out email invitations for individuals to serve as members on these committees. Unfortunately, I have more volunteers than available spots on the committees, so not everyone will be appointed this time around. I will finish selection committee appointments by the end of November. In the mean time, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or call me at 816-701-3656.

Many thanks to everyone who filled out volunteer forms for selection committees.! Now that the deadline has passed to turn those form in I am hard at work compiling a list of good matches for each committee as soon as I am finished I will turn those over to my Committee Task Force and they will continue thre process and help me make the best appointment selections for each committee. All appointments should be in place by October 30. If you are appointed to a committee, the YALSA office will notify shortly after that. Thank you all for your interest and willingness to serve!

It’s that time of year again!
The teens are gearing up for back to school and YALSA is gearing up for a new round of committee appointments. As YALSA’s new President-Elect, one of my duties is to appoint people to YALSA committees. This is a huge process that I am just beginning to get a grasp on. Thankfully I have great predecessors who have shared much appreciated helpful advice to smooth my way as I begin by making Selection’¬†Committee appointments. These will be made by October 30, 2009. Read More →