Let me begin my blog on Legislative Day, but saying that two months ago, I had no intention of attending Legislative Day.’  I just learned what it was a couple of months before that.’  For those of you who don’t know, library Legislative Day is when delegates (librarians, library staff, and library supporters) from all over a given state travel to the state capital to meet with state senators and representatives to discuss issues affecting libraries.’  Often, delegates advocate for certain funding or policy initiatives that they hope the legislators will support.’  I knew there were tons of reason that I should go, like the fact that I really believe in championing the cause of libraries or that I conveniently live in the state capital, but the whole idea seemed too overwhelming.’  I haven’t even graduated library school — what was I going to say to a state senator?

Flash forward and I find my local library facing major cuts and budget issues.’  Everywhere you go, all you hear is “Recession. Recession. Recession.”‘  If there was any time to quit being a wimp and speak up about library issues, the time was now.’  It was time to take the plunge. Read More →