Amy Alessio has volunteered to compile a cookbook of dessert recipes for the Not So Silent Auction. Perhaps if it’s a big seller, we can print more copies of this cookbook, but until then, if you’re the lucky bidder, you’ll have a great dessert cookbook.

What do you have to do? First, ask Amy at the e-mail address above for a copy of the template that will be used to compile the dessert cookbook. Then you will type your recipe on the template and return to Amy by September 30, 2010. To avoid copyright issues, send only family or original recipes. Dessert ideas include cookies, cupcakes, cakes, pies, tortes, puddings, etc. If it’s sweet, it’s a dessert and can be submitted. Each submitter will receive credit for the recipe, which will be cited in the cookbook.

Questions? Contact Amy Alessio or Pam Spencer Holley

Be sure to take part in FOY’s (Friends of YALSA’s) Give $10 in ’10 campaign that will kick off at Annual in Washington, DC. All FOY funds collected during 2010 are earmarked to support YALSA’s Advocacy efforts.

On the Tuesday of Annual, library advocates from across the United States will meet on U.S. Capitol grounds as part of a rally in support of libraries, followed by meetings with elected officials and their staffs. Five YALSA librarians applied for, and received, funds (provided by FOY) to extend their conference days and attend Library Advocacy Day. In addition, FOY funds are being used to print materials in support of advocacy and to develop an online class in Advocacy Techniques. Read More →

Several years ago, when and Betty Carter and I were collecting information for a School Library Journal article about YALSA’s 50th year anniversary, an opportunity arose for me to talk with Jane Manthorne, 1971-1972 YALSA [YASD] President. Our conversation was delightful, so it was with sadness that I read a notice of her death of February 12, 2010, and learned more about the rich, active life she’d led. Below is a link to her obituary, but I wanted to share some of our phone conversation. Read More →