Maybe you don’t know who the Bella Twins are, or think that the only person who goes by the moniker “Edge” is a the guitarist for U2, but chances are you have young adult patrons who are fans of WWE’s WrestleMania and know that the Bella Twins are a WWE tag team, and Edge won Royal Rumble 2010!’  That’s why you should register for YALSA’s WrestleMania Reading Challenge!

Other reasons you should register:

  • You get free posters and bookmarks!
  • One of your patrons/students could win a trip to Atlanta to see WrestleMania live!
  • Your library could win free books or $2,000!
  • It is a great tie-in to Teen Read Week!
  • You can reach reluctant readers you might otherwise not reach!

The WrestleMania Reading Challenge is really a great opportunity to reach out to the the reluctant readers and patrons you might not see as often. ‘ Bambi Mansfield, a library director in Michigan, found that participating in the Challenge brought new users into her library.

You must register by July 31st’ ‘ to participate in the Challenge, so the clock is ticking! ‘ The Challenge is open to patrons in grades 5 through 12. ‘ The commitment, length, and rules have changed this year, so if you participated in the past and felt it was too difficult, please reconsider.
It is free, and we will provide a toolkit and wiki with lots of ideas to implement the program. ‘ You can put forth as little or as much effort as you have the time, and you do not need to have an interest in wrestling to run it.

More information and the link to register can be found at YALSA’s website.’  If you have questions, we are more than happy to assist, or you can contact YALSA directly.

If you have participated before, please share your experience in the comments.

Good luck!

WrestleMania has come to a close. It’s time to mail your bookmark entries.

The bookmark must include a slogan that promotes reading (in either English or Spanish). Select one winner from each grade category: grades 5-6, grades 7-8 and grades 9-12. If you don’t have entries for all grade categories, that’s fine–just pick winners for the categories represented at your library. Bookmark entries (originals from your three winners only; use the bookmark entry form in the WrestleMania Reading Challenge Toolkit [PDF]) must be physically mailed or shipped to the YALSA office, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60610, no later than January 31.

Before sending any entries, make sure that all entry forms are complete and legible, including contact information for the teen or tween entering the contest and the library. Each winner on the local level will receive a DVD and a certificate, provided the entry is received by the deadline.

Are you giving out a lot of Wrestlemania reading logs, but not getting any returned to you? Try a countdown poster. I created one for our teen area. Use a post-it note to insert the correct numbers of days. If you start tomorrow, the number is 56.
Decorate your mini-poster with pictures of wrestlers or a catchy phrase. January 19 will be here soon!

Don’t forget to check your mail! If you registered for the Wrestlemania Reading Challenge, you should receive your official Wrestlemania Reading Challenge poster, compliments of World Wrestling Entertainment, and smaller posters for you to give to teens who complete and turn in the reading log.
I made a PowerPoint for distribution to the local media specialists. It can be shown as a slide show or printed for display. Don’t forget to include the elementary schools since the program is for grades 5-12.
Countdown to Wrestlemania: 16 days!

The Wrestlemania Reading Challenge kicks off during Teen Read Week! If you’re looking for ways to promote the program, consult the toolkit:

Get staff involved by introducing’ them to WWE superstars. Print pictures of wrestlers’ from the WWE website’ and label’ each picture with the wrestler’s name and nickname.’ Ask them to familiarize themselves with one wrestler. This’ way, they’ should feel comfortable’ engaging’ in a’ conversation about’ a’ wrestler with a teen.