Congratulations to everyone! The 2008 slate of candidates are here. The results of the newly elected are below and the rest of the elected leaders for ALA and Divisions can be found here.

President Elect
Linda Braun

Fiscal Officer
Mary Hastler

Francisca Goldsmith

Board of Directors
Ruth Cox Clark
Sandra Payne
Cindy Welch

Margaret A. Edwards Committee
Kathie Fitch
Cathy Lichtman
Mary Anne Nichols

Michael L. Printz Committee
Teri Lesesne
Jack Martin
Cheryl Karp Ward
Carlie Webber

The importance of these positions in YALSA for being advocates for teens, promoting access to information, and supporting each other as working with young adults, cannot be understated. For more information on the YALSA Election, visit the YALSA wiki here.

Posted on behalf of Michael Cart, YALSA Nominating Committee Chair: YALSA needs you! The Nominating Committee is seeking qualified candidates for a variety of 2009 offices & committees and urges interested YALSA members to submit the online nomination form available online at As the YALSA membership has grown dramatically, the Nominating Committee increasingly needs your input, time and talent and reminds members that self-nominations are welcome. Don’t be shy! The following positions will be filled: President-Elect (minimum of 2 candidates; 1 elected) Board Directors-at-Large (minimum of 4 candidates; 2 elected) 2011 Michael L Printz Committee (minimum of 8 candidates; 4 elected) 2011 Margaret A. Edwards Committee (minimum of 6 candidates; 3 elected) Division Councilor (minimum of 2 candidates, 1 elected) Terms for the President-Elect and Board Directors-at-Large will run from July 2009 thru June 2012. Terms for the award committees run approximately from July 2009 thru June 2011. The Nominating Committee is seeking nominees now through August 2008. Additional information and the nomination form can be found here: Questions can be directed to Michael Cart at Thanks for all that you do to ensure that teens have access to excellent library services and resources!

-Beth Yoke

We are one week into ALA’s online voting, and polls close April 24, 2008. On the ballots are changes to bylaws, as well as names for selecting our next slate of councilors, board members, and folks to serve on a variety of committees. YALSA members get a special YALSA ballot – you can see our slate of candidates for YALSA offices

Last week, my ALA membership # and a unique password were emailed to me with simple instructions. I went to and logged in easily.

On each ballot, candidate names had a button next to them, labeled “bio,” Clicking the button made a new window open, showing individual credentials: resume, publications, committee work, accomplishments, and often, a personal statement. Even the bylaw changes had bios that included the original language, the proposed change, and the board’s current stance on the issue. So, even if you feel you haven’t done your homework, you can become an informed voter on the spot.

I am a member of several roundtables and divisions, so I had 5 ballots to complete. It took me about 30 minutes to complete all of my ballots, and I did my voting in two chunks, because it was easy to save as I went along.

I got an email confirmation for each ballot, after submitting my votes (the email said 2007 election, incidentally!)

As I was reading candidate bios, I paid special attention to candidates who are children’s and young adult librarians and library teachers. The following list is not an endorsement and provided for informational purposes; I leave it up to all of you to consider the implications of having the interests of youth serving librarians–members of AASL, ALSC and YALSA–brought to the Big ALA table–or not.

J. Linda Williams (ALA President)
Stephen L. Matthews (councilor-at-large)
Thomas W. Brogan (councilor-at-large)
Christine McIntosh (councilor-at-large)

Toni Negro (councilor-at-large)
Dolores (Dee) Gwaltney (councilor-at-large)
Lisa Von Drasek (councilor-at-large)
Christopher G. Harris (councilor-at-large)
Linda J. Underwood (councilor-at-large)
Bonnie L. Kunzel (councilor-at-large)
Linda Friel (councilor-at-large)
Ida Williams Thompson (councilor-at-large)
Barbara K. Stripling (councilor-at-large)

Jo Ellen Misakian (councilor-at-large)
Alison Ernst (councilor-at-large)
Margaret L. Kirkpatrick (councilor-at-large)

I was sad to see fewer candidates this year for councilor-at-large. Nominating committees are putting their heads together for the next slate of candidates nearly as soon as the elections are over – maybe YOUR name will be here next year!

Thank you to our three candidates for YALSA President-Nick Buron, Sarah Flowers, and Linda Braun–for taking the time these past few weeks to answer the questions in this forum and giving all our YALSA members the opportunity to get to know them better.

  • Why are you running for YALSA President?
  • When you are Past President and people reflect back to your presidential year, what do you hope they will remember about you?

Good luck to all our candidates and thanks again for giving such thoughtful answers!

Remember, ALA polls open March 17 and close April 24. Please make sure your voice is heard by casting your ballot!

Sarah Debraski
YALSA President-Elect

It’s time to hear from election candidates again – this time those running for the Margaret A. Edwards award committee in 2010.

Candidates are: Terry Beck, Roxy Ekstrom, Kathie Fitch, Cathy Lichtman, Mary Anne Nichols, and Maren Ostergard.

First, tell us a little about yourself.

How do you decide if a book is a “window to the world” for young adults?

What strategies would you use to help the group achieve consensus on a winner?

What new, ineligible author do you think might make a great MAE winner in the far future? (Remember that eligible books must have been printed 5+ years prior to the current award year.)

Thanks for sharing your answers with the membership!
Erin Downey Howerton, MAE committee member 2008

Free Image Hosting at YALSA candidates running for President elect, Secretary, Fiscal Officer, and Board member positions as well as those running for ALA President (to find out their take on YA issues), were recently audio or video recorded in order for YALSA members to get to know the candidates in other ways. Start with the introductory podcast to what the recordings are about and how they are organized. Don’t miss the podcasts of the ALA presidential candidates with their take on young adult issues here and here. The video casts can be found on Blip tv, specifically here.

Enjoy! If you’re interested in podcasting the candidates next year, new ideas and new people are always welcome.

Posted by Kelly Czarnecki

Hello again to our presidential candidates!

We’ve heard from you about your skills and strengths and your thoughts about our organization. This time, please tell us about your experiences serving teens, including in your current position. Please tell us also about one of your favorite teen-focused or teen-created program/event which you helped to develop. Why was it a favorite?

And, please tell us a little bit about what you like to do outside of library work.

Thank you,

Sarah Debraski


The 2010 Michael L. Printz Award Committee is charged to select from the previous year’s publications the best young adult book (“best” being defined solely in terms of literary merit). Now is your chance to meet the hard working folks who want to spend the next year reading, and rereading, and rereading, and taking extensive notes on hundreds of titles competing for this prestigious award.

Running on the spring ballot for the 2010 Printz Committee are:
Priscille Dando, Teri Lesesne, Jack Martin, Richie Partington, Sheila Schofer, Ann Theis, Cheryl Karp Ward, and Carlie Webber.

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

2. Tell us how you define “literary quality.”

3. The books will be coming at you fast and furious – what’s your reading plan for the year?

4. How do you promote the Printz winners in your library?

Thanks, and have fun introducing yourselves to the membership!
Erin Downey Howerton
2008 Margaret A. Edwards Award Committee Member

Thanks to Linda, Nick, and Sarah for their answers to the second set of election questions. this is such a great way to get to know more about our candidates. For our third set of questions we have two from me and two from a Past President.

Sarah Debraski
YALSA President-Elect

How will you make time for this larger volunteer role in your life? How will you balance your board chair responsibilities with your personal and professional responsibilities?

Everyone has different skills they bring to a board and an organization. What do you believe is your particular strength that you will bring to leading the YALSA Board?

What do you think the biggest challenge facing our organization is?

From Past President Judy Nelson:

What do you see as the long term change that will occur in your life as a result of serving on the YALSA Board?
How will this experience help you move your goals forward?

Welcome again to the election forum on the YALSA blog. Thanks Linda, Sarah, and Nick for your great answers to the first questions. Now, on to today’s questions:

Spreading the word about YALSA and library service to teens is an important task for the Division President. What training or mentoring have you done to spread the YA word to other professionals? Who has mentored or made a difference in your professional life?

YALSA is lucky to have members with a very wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, including brand new members and long-term members. What services do you feel YALSA provides that are particularly valuable for new members? Long-term members? What are your ideas for reaching those groups of members?

And finally, just for fun, what are some of your favorite YA books, authors and/or movies?

Sarah Debraski
YALSA President-Elect