Welcome back to Election Forum on the YALSA blog! For the past two years we have utilized our blog to help members get to know the candidates for the various YALSA offices a bit better. This has been such a great success that we’ll once again be posting questions for our candidates, beginning with questions for Sarah Flowers, Linda Braun, and Nick Buron, our candidates for YALSA Vice-President/President-Elect.
The outcome of the election will affect everyone, so please use this forum as a chance to learn about candidates running on the spring ballot.
I will be posting questions for the President-Elect category. This year bloggers will be posting additional questions to the Board, MAE and Printz Candidates! YALSA members are welcome to follow up on their responses with further questions.
We encourage lively discussion and debate as appropriate to the topic, but of course no personal comments or attacks will be allowed.

Polls for the ALA 2008 election open on March 17 and close on April 24 at 11:59 p.m. CST on!

Here is the first round of questions for Sarah, Linda, and Nick:

Tell us about your experience within YALSA and ALA, including what positions you have held in our Division and in the larger ALA structure.

Which positions were your favorites and why, and how did those experiences help you develop the important skills necessary to be YALSA President?

Sarah Debraski
YALSA President-Elect

Make sure you’re ready to vote in the 2008 ALA Election! Only members whose dues are up to date as of January 31, 2008 will be eligible to vote. Click on “Join/Renew ALA” from www.ala.org to renew your dues, if necessary.

If you prefer to vote online, be sure ALA has your correct email address. If a snail mail ballot is your preference, be sure ALA has your correct postal address. You can update your contact info online by following these steps:
1. start at www.ala.org, clicking on “Login” in the upper right corner
2. log in w/ your email address and password

3. click on “view my ALA”
4. then click on “update my profile”
5. add or change any contact information
6. click the red “save and continue” button

To learn more about the ALA election, go to www.ala.org, scroll down and click on the “ALA Election 2008” icon. To view the slate for YALSA, go to the Election section of YALSA’s blog.
-Beth Yoke

YALSA’s Nominating Committee has finalized the slate for the 2008 election. The slate is:

VICE PRESIDENT/PRESIDENT-ELECT (two candidates minimum)
Linda Braun
Nick Buron
Sarah Flowers

FISCAL OFFICER (two candidates minimum)
Mary Hastler
Ritchie Momon

SECRETARY (two candidates minimum)
Francisca Goldsmith
Tricia Suellentrop

BOARD MEMBER (six candidates minimum)
Angela Carstensen
Ruth Cox Clark
Shari Fesko
Monique le Conge
Sandra Payne
Gail Tobin

Cindy Welch

2010 EDWARDS AWARD COMMITTEE (6 candidates minimum)
Terry Beck
Roxy Ekstrom
Kathie Fitch
Cathy Lichtman
Mary Anne Nichols

Maren Ostergard

2010 PRINTZ AWARD COMMITTEE (8 candidates minimum)
Priscille Dando
Teri Lesesne
Jack Martin
Richie Partington
Sheila Schofer

Ann Theis
Cheryl Karp Ward
Carlisle Webber

Thank you to the members of YALSA’s Nominating Committee for the time and effort they put into the development of the slate. The 2008 Election polls open March 17th. In order to be eligible to vote in the election, members must be in good standing (i.e. have their dues paid up) by January 31st, 2008. For more information on the ALA election visit the ALA Election web page.
If you think you’re interested in running on the 2009 slate, it’s not too early to start planning! Michael Cart will be chairing the next Nominating Committee. You are welcome to contact Paula Brehm-Heeger, Michael, or me with any questions.

-Beth Yoke

In this second podcast related to YALSA and “big” ALA slates and elections, Linda Braun talks with C. Alan Nichols and Amy Alessio about getting involved in “big” ALA governance, the role of the YALSA Fiscal Officer, and getting involved in YALSA committees.

You can find out more about “big” ALA positions and processes at:

Don’t forget you can read about YALSA guidelines for nominations and information on Board and Committee positions on the Handbook section of the YALSA web site.


It’s the time of year when YALSA, other ALA Divisions, and big ALA are working on putting together their slates for Division and Association positions.

In this podcast Linda Braun talks with Pam Spencer Holley about what one should consider when thinking about running for a position on the YALSA Board. Topics include YALSA Guidelines for YALSA Board positions, why being on the Board is a worthwhile experience, how to get involved in YALSA before running for a Board position.

You can read about the Duties and Responsibilities of YALSA Board Positions on the YALSA web site.


Congratulations to everyone!

Vice President/President Elect
Sarah Cornish Debraski

Board of Directors
Michele Gorman

Dawn Rutherford

Margaret A. Edwards Committee
Sharon Rawlins
Stephanie Squicciarini
Kristine Mahood

Michael L. Printz Committee
Karyn Silverman
Elizabeth Burns

Marin Younker
Alison Hendon

Proposal to amend the bylaws to increase the member representation on the Board of Directors by increasing the number of Directors-at Large from six to seven. Adopted

Proposal to amend the bylaws to add to the Board of Directors a Secretary position that will also serve on the Executive Committee. Adopted

ALA electronic polls close in just six days, on April 24! I got a reminder today from YALSA President Judy Nelson, and am pleased to report I DID vote, last week. It only took a moment to find the email with the password I’d been sent last month so I could log in, and in less than 20 minutes, I got through all three ballots, for ALA, ALSC, and YALSA. The clickable bios make it really easy to choose your candidates, even if you haven’t been following coverage on division blogs or library journals. (Note: you can catch up on YALSA candidates via the posts tagged “Election” at http://blogs.ala.org/yalsa.php?cat=25

Judy reports two items on the YALSA ballot:

  1. Proposal to amend the Bylaws to increase member representation on the Board of Directors by increasing the number of Directors-at-Large from six to seven. (YALSA’s explosion to 5000+ members merits this change)
  2. Proposal to amend the Bylaws to add a Secretary position to the Board of Directors, which will also serve on the Executive Committee. (another result of rapid growth, and need for accurate and timely record-keeping)

For informational purposes, a list of AASL/ALSC/YALSA members running for ALA Councillor at Large follows. For our concerns to be represented, we have to be at the table. I am not endorsing any candidate in particular, but encourage you to vote for your youth services colleagues.

Brenda Pruitt Annisette
James F. Bennett
Walter Betts
Diane Chen
Sarah Flowers
Carolyn Lowe Garnes
Catherine Greene

Elaine Harger
Plummer Jones, Jr.
Marilyn McCroskey
M.A. Oettinger
Sylvia Mora Ona
Melore Ranney Norman
Annemarie Roscello
Clara Sitter
Lynn Strickland

J. Linda Williams

Vote today!

This month, YouTube set up a hub for candidates here. According to the Charlotte Observer, “In this contest, Barack Obama leads handily. Obama, who was ahead of most of the competition by getting himself up on YouTube six months ago, had more than 627,400 views of his channel as of Tuesday. Several of his 21 videos have been watched by 100,000 plus.”

Posted by Kelly Czarnecki

I voted in the election, have you? ALA has been the leader in making the voting process absolutely painless and simple. No need to find the right # pencil or a stamp. Just log in and make your selections. Remember, the leadership we have is the one we elect. No fair complaining about something unless we all vote. There is still plenty of time to make your vote count.

Posted by Teri Lesesne

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The Vote Master is a tool in Teen Second Life the teens are using to vote with on a theme for Eye4You Alliance Island. They modified it by changing the text to fit the choices and scripted it so that when you make a choice, the box will grow and reflect how many people are voting for a particular theme.

Second Life is a great place to explore voting and having discussion about the candidates, debates, build contests, and more. If you are a regular SL’r, what might you judge a candidate on? Do we judge how well they come across on YouTube, if they are on MySpace or not, etc.

Here is some conversation from teens and adults about the Vote Master:
teen1: We will put this out by the telehub.
adult: I though we were going to let everyone use it
teen1: No i think we should just vote
teen2: And put floating text above it asking “Which of these island themes do you like the most?”.
teen:1 No I think we should just vote
teen2: Why can’t we let the public speak?
adult: who else has an interest in this?

teen1: Should we let teens vote
teen2: Yes.
adult: yes
teen1: Let teens vote
teen1: @:)
teen1: €Ok
adult: 🙂

Posted by Kelly Czarnecki