For the past two months in the mail I have been receiving a catalog from the Republic of Tea along with a free sample of tea. I thought, lucky little ole me to receive something for free in the mail that I actually like. After the ALA presentation on privacy (I swear, it didn’t occur to me before then) I’m receiving the ‘free’ tea in the mail because I purchase it at the grocery store during lunch breaks next door to my library. Freedom at the cost of selling my information perhaps. What are we willing to give our information for? Sometimes we might not feel we have a choice or know that we do. Read More →

Last night I returned to the east coast after the week in Anaheim at ALA Annual. It was quite a week with lots of friend seeing, networking, programs, and meetings.’  Now that I’m back to “real life” it’s time to get down to my year as YALSA President Elect.’  One of the things on my schedule for the year is making appointments to YALSA Committees.

At Conference I heard from many people who are interested in joining a YALSA Committee.’  I collected lots of business cards.’  If you talked to me at Conference don’t forget to also fill in a Committee Volunteer Form.’  If you didn’t talk to me at Conference, and would like to be on a committee, you too should fill out a Volunteer Form.’  No appointments can be made without that paperwork in place. (And don’t worry, if you didn’t talk to me face-to-face at Conference that doesn’t mean you won’t get on a Committee.) Read More →

I’m waiting for my flight back to my library from ALA, and trying to wind down from all of the great things I’ve learned and picked up at this conference. I’ve been talking to many Yalsa members here about the galley’s they picked up, and since I didn’t get to spend much time in the exhibit hall I wanted to ask if anyone picked up some great galleys that I should make sure get ordered when I get back.

Here are a handful of the photos from the preconference, GOT TWEENS AND TEENS? Authors, librarians, and others interested in services and books for the early teens and tweens shared a wonderful and informative day on Friday. See if you can spot Lisa Yee, Bruce Hale, Jon Scieszka, Ingrid Law, and Amy Goldman Koss. Read More →

My bags are packed. I mailed home a box of books yesterday, but somehow the suitcase seems just as heavy. The conference was incredible even though meetings kept me from seeing some of the other sessions I would have loved to attend. Now is the time to complete the Volunteer Forms for the various other committees of YALSA including some of the selection committees. The form is available on the YALSA site.
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Yesterday morning the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom sponsored a session titled Your Brain on DOPA.’  The program was designed to give attendees an opportunity to find out:

  • What is happening with federal and state legislation related to social networking (and with technology in general).’  John Morris, General Counsel for the Center for Democracy and Technology presented this part of the program.
  • What current research says about child and teen use of online tools in the areas of cyberbullying and predation. Dr. Michele Ybarra, President of Internet Solutions for Kids presented on this topic.
  • How libraries can educate their communities about the positive impact of social networking. This was the portion of the session that I presented.

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This year’s Membership Meeting and President’s Program left me feeling really energized. Now I have all of these great ideas percolating…

For those who were unable to attend the conference or this particular session, there was a ton of information about what we’ve accomplished as a division. Here is my attempt to give you the highlights. (Any mistakes here are my own as I just tried to type all of this in and keep up!)

President Paula Brehm-Heeger gave a great overview of all the work done by YALSA during the 2007-2008 year. Some accomplishments she mentioned include: Read More →

In these two videos you’ll hear librarians talk about books and authors and get to listen in on what authors talked about during the 2008 YALSA Coffee Klatch.

This is the second year for the annual coffee klatch and for anyone who hasn’t been before this is how it works.’  Librarians sit at round tables of 10.’  One seat at every table is left open. At approximately 9:00 AM the authors sit down at the tables. At each table the author talks about his or her books and answers questions the librarians might have.’  After 5 minutes a whistle blows, the authors stand up (not in unison), and move on to the next table on their rotation. Read More →