Welcome to the continuing series of interviews with the authors who are on’ the 2010 Morris Award Shortlist. Today we have Amy Huntley, author of’ The Everafter.

theeverafter_webThe Morris Award Committee on The Everafter: “Maddy is a ghost, surrounded by things she lost when she was alive. By touching these objects, she relives the episodes in her life where she lost them. Even though Maddy’s dead, she explores the lessons these objects hold — and why are they still important.”

YALSA Blog: Congratulations on The Everafter being on the Morris Award shortlist!’ Where were you when you found out you’d been shortlisted for the Morris Award? And who was the first person you told?

Amy Huntley: My editor called early in the day and left a message saying she had good news about The Everafter, so I hurried home from school to find out what it could possibly be. I truly had no idea that it would be this!’  I checked my email while trying to call my editor and she had sent an email about the subject in case we had trouble connecting.’  So I was actually sitting on my couch, looking at my laptop screen at the time I learned that I had been shortlisted. Then my phone call to my editor went through and we talked about it. I was ecstatic—on top of surprised! I felt incredibly honored to have been chosen as a Finalist for this award.’  My husband was the first person I told about the news. Followed by…my agent, parents and sister and…the whole rest of the world!’  Read More →