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Title: Sphere 360º

Platform: iOS, with some limitations

Cost: Free

Sphere 360º bills itself as “the future of photography.” It adds a three dimensional aspects to your panoramic shots, with sometimes startling results. Be it a Siberian forest or an Italian coastline, there’s a definite concrete virtual reality aspect to viewing a “sphere.”

The gallery of shared spheres is pretty intimidating. Many are taken with a rotating gadget called a Motrr, which can be controlled wirelessly. There is an “easy” mode, but there is a definite art to creating a sphere. Additionally, you must be connected to a network, which could make capturing nature scenes difficult

To begin your sphere, you can scan a panorama or upload one saved to your camera roll. To complete the sphere, you use your finger to create details and depth, essentially zooming in and moving around to flesh out the experience of being there.

If that’s not enough to get your teens interested, Kendall Jenner recently recommended it her recent Vogue interview with an enthusiastic “Download immediately.”

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Title:’ ‘ Wallpapers 2

Cost:’ Free

Platform:’ iOS 7.0 or later

Wallpapers 2 (which, as recentlly as last week, was known as’ ScreenMotion iOS7)‘ is a teen-recommended solution to a teen-voiced conundrum. Why don’t you have the ability to “zoom out” when you set a picture as your iPhone wallpaper? Too much can get lost, cropped out by that process.

ScreenMotion lock screen preview

Wallpapers 2 lock screen preview

As one student told another about the free app with a range of art optimized for iOS7 devices, I downloaded it as well. There are hundreds (at the least) of very attractive HD pictures, ranging from pets and nature to cityscapes and abstract digital images. I didn’t see any that weren’t “school appropriate,” though the advertising is a little bit spicier. Read More →