born digital coverThe title of this blog post is from a slide that was part of a presentation by John Palfrey that I was fortunate enough to attend. The topic of the talk was Born Digital and Palfrey covered a number of areas that should be of interest to librarians serving teens. Some of Palfrey’s big ideas are:

  • Libraries need to move away from thinking that virtual services and physical services as two separate entities. Teens do not think about their digital worlds as separate from their physical worlds. In order to reach the age group, librarians need to provide seamless services that allow for convergence across these worlds. Libraries have physical spaces and digital spaces, but how well do we connect the two and make it easy for young people to move between them? Read More →

It’s no secret that the teens we work with are born digital. 13 to 19 year olds have had technology in their lives every day of their lives. And, they have had the web as a tool for viewing, using, and finding content every day of their lives.

What does it really mean to be born digital?

Does it mean that teens are unaware of how to manage their privacy and identity in only environments?

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