Volunteers from a partner organization help students with college applications.

Volunteers from a partner organization help students with college applications.

Last week we talked about finding your perfect community partner, the one who can make all your dreams come true. Once you’ve met a few potential partners and really gotten to know them, you may be ready to choose one and move forward on a shared program or project.

As you’re working with the partner to formulate the project, here are some questions to consider. Read More →

Do you sometimes wonder what you could do to get more administrative support for teen services in your library? There are some relatively simple steps you can take to win friends and influence managers! This is a six-part series that shares some tips from managers that you can integrate into your work life and maybe make some positive changes in your library.

In the first three weeks, I talked about’ presenting yourself as a professional,’ about’ speaking the language, and about collecting data. This week I want to talk about a sometimes forgotten piece of the puzzle:

Sharing Information Up the Ladder

When YALSA surveyed members who were identified as library supervisors and managers, we asked them about best practices and success stories in increasing upper management buy-in for teen services. There were several recurring ideas:

  • Publicize successful programs that succeed in engaging teens
  • Have teens speak to library board/Foundation boards to share their love for the library
  • Document reports with photos/videos from programs for teens
  • Share teen comments in monthly narrative reports
  • Share successful award-winning projects that have increased library usage by teens
  • Share’ stories of how teen services develop youth and transform communities
  • Tie teen services to youth development

What these comments have in common is the importance of letting upper-level administrators and board members know what you are doing, and’ why it’s important to the community. Read More →

Every year, around this time,’  the librarians at Brookline High School send out a series of emails to members of the faculty.’  These tend to be informative updates and reminders of library programs, collections, and policies.’ ‘  Some messages target a subset of faculty while others are sent out to the full staff.’ ‘  In the past, we’ve been more reactive when communicating with faculty.’  Every year we’re scrambling to find the email we sent out last year.’  In our defense, we are a staff of two full time librarians and two .5 librarians, each with different duties and responsibilities.’  Often something comes up and we assume it’s being handled by a colleague.’  Not this year! ‘  This year I’ve taken on the task of collecting the various emails to be sent at the beginning of the year to faculty from the library.’  I’ve named the file “Beginning of the Year Emails”,’  and it’s my blog for today.

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