danah boyd, PhD candidate at the School of Information in Berkeley, CA is featured on this week’s spotlight for Digital Media and Learning about youth and net neutrality.

She writes, “Net neutrality is not just a geek thing; it’s a generation thing. If we want to build a world where youth have a voice online, we have to keep the net neutral.”

Be sure to watch the short YouTube clip on ‘Ask a Ninja’ to find out more about net neutrality.

In light of Time Magazine’s announcement as ‘You’ being the person of the year for 2006, “for the growth and influence of user-generated content,” net neutrality is a pretty big deal.

Posted by Kelly Czarnecki

In a May 2006 interview on DOPA and MySpace with Henry Jenkins and danah boyd, Jenkins states that, “Parents face serious challenges in helping their children negotiate through these new online environments. They receive very little advice about how to build a constructive relationship with media within their families or how to help their offspring make ethical choices as participants in these online worlds.”
At my library, my colleagues are offering a ‘MySpace for Parents‘ class where they teach parents how to set up their own MySpace account, and what to look for when their teens set up their own page. They also include resources in the workshop for further reading and information on other social networking sites the library uses.

What are other libraries doing to help parents help their teens ‘negotiate these online environments’? Or any ideas of what else we could be doing? Even if DOPA passes, parents will still need to know this information.

Posted by Kelly Czarnecki