Abby’s Road is a podcast in which high school senior, Abby Laporte, talks with peers and adults about a variety of topics of interest to teens and the adults who live and work with them. Over the life of the podcast Abby and her guests have covered topics including visiting colleges, sexual orientation, abuse, and, most recently, technology. (You can listen to the most recent podcast.) Listen

When listening to the latest podcast in the series, I was once again reminded of the value adults need to place on teen abilities to think critically. Throughout the podcast, Abby and the teens she talked with, demonstrated that they are all aware of the need to think about the actions that they take online. They also know that sometimes the actions they choose aren’t necessarily the best. Read More →

Last week, with a bit of fanfare, the web site Hunch launched. ‘ I read about it on a few blogs and was interested in learning what it could do. I requested an invite and pretty quickly got an email that gave me access to the site.

Hunch is a site that helps visitors make decisions. You type in a question and then are given a decision making tree for getting to the answer to your question. For example, I started testing out Hunch with the question “What kind of job should I have? ” I then was asked a series of questions related to my indoor/outdoor work preferences, my education level, my willingness to work for the government, and so on. Read More →