As YALSA Blog readers know, I’m pretty interested in technology and the way that technology can enhance, expand, and improve teen education and interactions. While I am very proactive in helping to integrate technology into teen services, in teen lives, and in libraries, I am also a strong supporter of youth participation and having meaningful conversations with teens about their lives, technology, library services, and so on. As a matter of fact, one of the assignments I include in a library school class I teach is called Talk To Teens. Students can only complete (and succeed in) the assignment if they talk with teens about books, technology, libraries, and more. Sometimes students talk with teens face-to-face. Sometimes students talk using technology. And sometimes it’s a mixture of a variety of methods in which the conversations take place.

I’m starting this blog post with that overview because I want to point out that being technology oriented and being a fan (and maybe even a fangirl) of technology, and promoting technology in libraries, doesn’t preclude the interest, ability, and strong belief in the power and necessity of talking with teens on a regular basis. Read More →