YALSA has announced the results of its election! In addition to electing candidates, all four bylaws measures passed:’  creating a membership category for non-salaried librarians, creating a membership category for young adult services advocates, changing dues rates’  for certain member categories, and reorganizing the nominating committee. For details, visit YALSA’s elections page. For results from ALA’s general election, please visit the ALA elections page.

Candidate results are as follows; bylaws details are after the jump. Thank you to all who ran for office this year!

YALSA President-Elect

Jack Martin

YALSA Fiscal Officer

Penny Johnson

YALSA Secretary

Sarajo Wentling

YALSA Board of Directors

3-year Term

Sandra Hughes-Hassell

Gail Tobin

Christian Zabriskie

Edwards Committee

Charli Osborne

Ed Spicer

Jamie Watson

Printz Committee

Louise Brueggemann

Sharon Grover

Sharon Rawlins

Sarah Bean Thompson

Nonfiction Committee

Ruth Allen

Angie Manfredi

Judy Nelson

Laura Pearle

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The day has finally come, Mid-Term Elections are here! It is imperative that you make time to cast your votes today! We are blessed as a nation to have the privilege and the right to vote and choose our political leaders. Make your voices known and heard! As you step up to fill out your ballots, remember your libraries, schools, and teen participants. How will your votes impact them?

In the last week, you have seen a variety of resources about what some of the major legislative issues are that are impacting young adult library services. In addition, tons of excellent information has been shared about the different resources for advocacy and how to advocate for your libraries and teens. The Legislation Committee hopes that everyone was able to take away at least one nugget of wisdom that has helped you in making your voting decisions.

Don’t wait; cast your vote!

YALSA is pleased to announce results for the 2010 election. The election results are:

YALSA President

Sarah Flowers

YALSA Board of Directors

3-year Term

Chris Shoemaker
Shannon Peterson

1-year Term

Jack Martin
Gail Tobin

Edwards Award Committee

Amy Chow
Kate Pickett
Walter Mayes

Printz Award Committee

Patty Campbell
Elizabeth Saxton
Erin Helmrich
Joy Millam

Nonfiction Award Committee

Jennifer Hubert
Elizabeth Burns
Megan Fink
Eva Volin

In addition, all proposals to amend YALSA’s bylaws passed by a majority vote. For details on the proposals and what the changes entail, see the YALSA Election Results webpage.

I voted in the election, have you? ALA has been the leader in making the voting process absolutely painless and simple. No need to find the right # pencil or a stamp. Just log in and make your selections. Remember, the leadership we have is the one we elect. No fair complaining about something unless we all vote. There is still plenty of time to make your vote count.

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