Everlapse LogoTitle: Everlapse
Cost: Free
Platform: iOS

Just released last week, Everlapse is a fun new way to create photo slideshows on your own or with your friends. With the app, you can combine multiple photos into a fast-paced clip where each image is displayed for only a couple of seconds. This functionality lends itself perfectly to stop-motion animation projects as well as time-lapse “videos” of specific locations. It can also be a fun way to share your photos from a single event or activity all at once. Finished clips can be shared on Twitter or Facebook or via text or email. You can also get the link for your clip so that you can link directly to it elsewhere on the web.

Everlapse Even if this were Everlapse’s only functionality, it would be a fun photo app, but the most interesting and entertaining aspect of this tool is the way that you can collaborate with friends or strangers on your clips. Once you have shared a clip, any of your followers will be able to not only view your clip, but also to add their own images to it with a simple click of the plus sign.

Maybe you want to combine all of your friends’ photos from a party or send around a clip that collects the books everyone is currently reading, the possibilities are endless for creating what Everlapse refers to as “current status games.” This feature is open to any Everlapse user, but, if you want, you can set your clips to require your approval of any new images that are added. This app is a lot of fun to play around with and makes photo sharing even more exciting. Check out the gallery of featured clips for inspiration or just jump right in and start creating your own!

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