Title: GoodGuide

Cost: Free

Platform: iOS and Android

Last minute teen shoppers need not worry their consumer consciences, the GoodGuide app allows users to identify the health, social, and environmental impact of a gift before they buy. Using the RedLaser product database, the app provides multiple access mechanisms to pull up particular items, including a keyword search, a menu-driven directory (including personal care, household cleaners, and food) and, most expediently, a barcode scanner function using the device camera.


From cell phones to cat food, each entry provides handily colored-coded scores in the areas of Health, Environment, and Society. Health caveats include ingredients which have raised concerns in humans, while the Society and Environment areas consider corporate policies and practices as rated by the GoodGuide team. Any applicable manufacturer credentialing is reflected, and when relevant, nutritional information is listed. Most helpfully, it offers alternative products with better ratings. Read More →