There’s just one week left to submit volunteer forms for the following YALSA committees and taskforces:

Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults
Best Fiction for Young Adults
Fabulous Films for Young Adults
Great Graphic Novels for Teens
Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults
Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers
Alex Award
Morris Award
Odyssey Award
Outstanding Books for the College Bound
2014 Midwinter Marketing & Local Arrangements Taskforce
2014 Midwinter Paper Presentation Planning Taskforce
Readers’ Choice List Taskforce

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The latest batch of nominations for the 2011 Great Graphic Novels for Teens list is up! Check it out here:

If you come across a terrific graphic novel published in 2010, or between September 1 and December 31, 2009, consider nominating it! Just check first that it didn’t make last year’s list.

Encourage your teen graphic novel fans to nominate titles – we welcome nominations from everyone, especially teens.

The current nomination period ends on April 30.’  Nominations will re-open after ALA Annual, and close October 31st at midnight PST.

Our committee wants to discover as many great titles as possible, and we appreciate your help!

In dream library world, planning would probably be Step 1 in building a graphic novel collection.’  But in real library world, I didn’t make a plan for how to define, collect, catalog, process, and shelve graphic novels.’  I just started buying them.

As I’ve blithely added materials to my graphic-novel-and-nonfiction collection, I’ve run into all kinds of interesting questions: If I shelve my graphic novels by author, am I devaluing the role of artists?’  If I have a graphic adaptation of a novel, like Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, do I shelve it under the name of the adaptor, or the original author?’  Can I make a meaningful distinction between superhero comic books and other graphic novels?’  If I do make that distinction, where do I put series about heroes without superpowers?’  And don’t even get me started on nonfiction. Read More →

As we close in on the last month to nominate new titles everyone is in a mad scramble to find the great graphic novels which cannot be overlooked. The field nominations are hopefully going to come reeling in now. It really has been incredible to try and develop this list. Attempting to balance all the different types of graphic novels, to have all ages represented, to find books that speak to the Young Adult condition…it’s really an incredible mandate. Of course that boils down to hours and hours spent reading comic books. Of course we are not just READING them, delving into them, devouring them, giving them close readings and giving them a pass when they are just good and not GREAT. If you have a graphic novel which has blown you away this year please take the time to give it a field nomination. We want to hear from you (and find new books that are incredible).