Teens hooked on Guitar Hero might want to try their hands on the controller’s stringed counterpart (you know, the actual instrument known as the “guitar”), but not without abandoning the frantic fun that Guitar Hero provides. Thankfully, there are a few solutions on the horizon of 2008 that will get teens shredding in no time.

The folks over at Music Wizard are teaming up with SoundTech to develop Guitar Wizard, a software and hardware package that converts real-life guitar tones into controller messages for live game play. The PC or Mac-compatible system will allow teens to adapt virtually any guitar and import virtually any song.

Meanwhile, the folks at Game Tank are working on software requiring nothing more than a cord and some dexterous fingers to let teens live out their guitar-playing fantasies. For a promo video and news updates, check out the official Guitar Rising website.

Before I go, I would like to warn libraries about the unfortunate phenomenon of Rock Band disc read errors with older PS2s. If your library bought a PS2 used, refurbished, or otherwise not recently, try borrowing the game first and following the tips linked above. Otherwise, you’ll need to invest an additional $45-$65 for Sony to make your PS2 compatible with Rock Band’s dual-layered DVDs.