Perry Moore is the executive producer of the Chronicles of Narnia films, author of a book about making The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, author and director (with his partner, Hunter Hill) of the feature film, Lake City starring Sissy Spacek, and author of Hero, his first novel.’  Hero is a book intended for young adults, males or females, males who are gay and/or anyone who just doesn’t feel like they fit in for one reason or another.’  It is an action packed story about Thom Creed, an athletic gay high school student who develops super-hero powers.’  It begins on the high school basketball court and moves into the community where Thom finds himself fighting one crime after the other.’  HeroHero is also a love story.’  As Thom becomes more confident about his sexuality he lusts after various people and then finally falls in love with Goran.

YALSA: Perry, before we get started I just want to say congratulations on winning the Lambda award for Hero. You must be very excited knowing that your work has made such an impression in the LGBT community.

MOORE: Great question to start with.’  Just like Thom longs to find his place in the universe, I think we all do.

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